Die Shop Management & Contracts

M/s Khurana Carbides Pvt Ltd undertakes contracts for handling Die Shops of wire drawing plants on annual basis.

Technical Details

Our Die Shop teams consist of Skilled Die Shop Manager, Engineer and Qualified Die Polishers to ensure precision to enhance plant productivity.

Here we install our own die polishing machineries and other necessary tools required for redesigning the profile and subsequent polishing of used dies at wire drawing plants.

Safety Measures :

We take care of all safety measures as per company policies and requirements to ensure zero accidents and failures.

Benefits and Savings :

New Die Stocks and all other consumables are handled by the Die Shop Team thereby reducing the burden of Inventory on the parent plant.

The stocks are maintained & replenished through Vendor Managed Inventories.

The dies are repaired with high precision gauge instruments which are calibrated from time to time for ISO and other internal Quality associated audits.

We ensure 25% savings to the company by means of close control of usage of new dies and re-cutting of old dies to get more tonnage/die.

We undertake all Labor expenses such as Salaries, Yearly bonus, Insurance, PF and other overheads related to maintenance of Die Shop and its machineries.

Die Usage and Awareness :

We create awareness among Die Polishers & Machine Operators jointly by explaining the functional areas of each part of Die, its causes of breakages and preventive measures. We keep them abreast by conducting regular programmes & presentations. This helps us to reduce consumption of new dies which will make more savings.

We take all necessary steps to ensure that we setup a high quality Die Shop in line with customerís requirements for Quality and Quantity.

Due to our expertise in manufacturing dies and also well trained and highly qualified staff, our client, M/s TATA Steel Ltd have given us additional responsibility and have entrusted us with task of managing die-shop related activities for their following plants.

   Tata Steel Ltd (WRM SS Plant), Maharashtra, India
   Tata Steel Ltd (PWP), Madhya Pradesh, India
   Tata Steel Ltd (DWP), Karnataka, India
   Lanka Special Steels Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka