Recent Achievement

    Die-Shop Management

  • Due to our expertise in manufacturing dies and also well trained and highly qualified staff our client, M/s TATA Steel Ltd have given us additional responsibility and have entrusted us with task of managing die-shop related activities for their following plants.
  • 1. Tata Steel Ltd (WRM SS Plant), Maharashtra, India.
    2. Tata Steel Ltd (PWP), Madhya Pradesh, India.
    3. Tata Steel Ltd (DWP), Karnataka, India.
    4. Lanka Special Steels Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    Tungsten Carbide Cone Rings

    We have recently changed the compositions of TC Cone Rings used in wet wire drawing machines. By reducing its width and giving the same strenght in a lighter weight we have made it more economical for all wet wire machine operators to have the pleasure of maintenance free machine by using TC Cone Rings. We have conducted successful trials and supplied 108nos of TC Cone Rings with complete assembly on Cone Hub to M/s Usha Martin Ltd.

    Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies with Long Nibs

    After extensive research and innovation we have developed a new product keeping in mind the current competitive market to bring down wire drawing die cost per ton, cost for freight charges as casings are one time delivery and here only TC nibs will move.

    Natural Diamond and PCD Wire Drawing Dies.

    This product has been developed in all size range. With regular and bulk flow of BIG order quantity we would be shortly setting up a New Bigger Plant to feed up customers specific requirements with all time delivery lead.We wish to state that our pricing for the above products are very nominal compared with the high standards of quality control we maintain. It is our company policy to give maximum attention to our clients needs as regards to quality, delivery and prices.